Programming tools

When I install a PC, I have some tools i always need: Not counted IDEs, as Atom, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Microchip Studio, Brackets, Arduino ide, and GitExtensions with git bash for version control. For documentation I normally use Astah Professional, but only because of I have a license through my university, else I would look at StarUML.

You can find my list of "standard" drivers here.

  • To keep the computer clean from all the small temp files, deleting Windows bloatware, and managing startup programs and services CCleaner.
  • To recover deleted files, when they are removed from the Recycle bin Recuva.
  • When I have limit trust in a program, or from unknown sources, I run them trough Sandboxie.
  • To find differences in documents: WinMerge
  • A simple editor, I replace Notepad with, giving line numbers and it marks keywords in code Notepad++.
  • To monitor network trafic Wiresharck, Fiddler Classic, Portmon, HTerm.
  • To communicate I use Free Virtual Serial Ports PuTTY, Bitvise, and for remote access VNC.
  • To monitor processes in Windows, Microsoft provides these advanced versions of the task manager procex64, VMMap.
  • To monitor connected USB devices and drivers usbdeview USB tree USB log viewer.
  • To install images, often Linux distributions / bootable tools on SD cards and USB sticks Win32 Disk Imager, alternativ Etcher can do the same.
  • I use 7-Zip for compression, it works with most used formats.
  • Other tools: With a guilty conscience, I use for my "counterfeit" logic analyzer, I just have a hard time justifying spending 553 USD, instead of 5 USD on the fake, based on my hobby budget and needs.
From the Windows Store:
  • To prevent the computer from going into sleep, when running a task Move Mouse.
  • To verify that a program has not been modified, its hash value can be compared with the value from the download location Hash Verifier.
Other productive programs
In Linux, I often use
  • GDisk, a partition tool. I often also use an old digital camera to repair and format corrupted SD cards.
  • nMap, a port scanner, to find open ports on a network.
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