CNC router: Woodpecker

After a Christmas bonus and way too much overtime fell, I chose to reward myself with a "birthday present".

My goal is to be able to make PCBs, outdoor acid, etc. but instead mill the copper away. After a long search, the choice fell on a CNC 1610 Woodpecker construction set (901 DKK), from China.

A bonus was that for a small amount, I could buy a 500mW (1089 DKK) or 2500mW diode laser (1379 DKK). the choice of course fell on the latter as the price difference "only" was 290 DKK. After I bought, they have added a variant with 5500mw (1930 DKK).

All the prices quoted are (were) current prices when I wrote this page. They fluctuate with the price, and any offer that can easily vary +/- 400 DKK from day to day. As well as VAT, customs, freight and fee must be added.

The name 1610 itself indicates that the working area is 16 x 10 cm. it is also available in other 1313, 2020, 2418, 3040 and many other variants and prices. But I chose based on the fact that I expect that 90% of my projects can be done with the variant that I have chosen. I asked about the CNC model in a facebook group, where some spoke for and others against ... since a machine for 2000 USD is of course in a different quality than one for 132 USD and you get what you pay for, but not everyone has the same need.

When I received the package, I was pleasantly surprised. An assembly guide and a quick guide. The driver CH340, I used in advance. and it was all assembled in a few hours. Not least, it seems solid.

It is not intended for metal, but if you can settle for printed circuit boards, and smaller tasks in wood and plastic. Then it should probably last. However, once it is adjusted, you should still be aware that the quill screws rattle loose due to vibrations. Then a blob of Loctite, or a large bag of 3x3mm and 4x4mm quill screws. Limit switches ensure the router doesn’t just continue outside the work area with a painful sound.

Some programs were included on a CD, along with assembly instructions and drivers.

Gilwell tørklæde
Gilwell tørklæde

China Mods

One modification I will try is to add, is limit switches in all 6 directions as the program: GBRLcontrol, does not basically have limitations.

As well, I have noticed that an emergency stop can be very close to indispensable.

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