IC-7300 HRD-setup

Here is a little about the challenges I have had with setting the transceiver up in Hamradio Delux on my computer.

Before connecting the transceiver via usb to the computer for the first time, download and install the latest nyeste driver from the ICOM website

Installer HDR
Purchase version of HDR costs 99.95 USD supported, with updates for one year from the date of purchase, after which updates can be purchased for 49.95 USD per. year. But HDR works without later updates, it means "only" that you do not get errors fixed in the program, or get newer radios added.

Free Edition of HDR Last version before HRD became a full-time job for W4PC, and that trick with volunteer donations. But the Program is without updates since version 5.2436 For example, the IC7300 is connected as an IC7700 in the program.

Transceiver setup:
Several menu items in the radio need to be corrected. It may also be a good idea to read Chapter 12 of the full manual.

Check and setup:
DATA OFF Mod: MIC,ACC keep this setting
DATA Mod: ACC change this to USB
CI-V Baud: AUTO change this to 9600
CI-V Transceive: ON change this to OFF
CI-V USB Baud Rate: AUTO change this to 9600
CI-V USB Echo Back: OFF change this to ON
USB Send: OFF change this to RTS

Start HDR when you have either chosen to start the trial period or enter the license key in the "purchase version". Or started the "free edition" a dialog box appears where you enter the settings below to connect to the transceiver. HDR remembers these settings.

Select [New] and fill in:

  1. COMPANY: Icom
  2. RADIO: IC-7300
  3. COM PORT: If in doubt, you can select “Auto-Detect” otherwise the COM port number can be found in the computer's device management.
  4. SPEED: 9600
  5. CI-V Add: 94
  6. In “Flow Control / Interface Power” select only “RTS”
  7. Connect

HDR setup:
It's easiest to click on [Tools] -> [Program options] -> [(?) Getting Started]
Where you fill in information about your qth, call, etc.

Setup of digimodes:
Start DMR780
It's easiest to click on [Tools] -> [Program options] -> [(?) Getting Started] -> [Soundcard]
Select Sound card Input and output

Switch to the [PTT] tab
Select Ham Radio Delux
Select [Configurere HDR connection]
Where to add TX button, RF power and RF Gain sliders

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