Multiple Rail Power Supply

To experiment a bit, I did fall for a Single Turn Dual Linear Regulator Multiple Output, with a boost converter

Supplied with 5-24V the board can deliver; +12V, -12V, +5V, -5V, and +3.3V. I use a simple 5V 2A power supply. It can only deliver 200mA, on each output therefor I have added a 200mA ptcc-fuse between the terminal and the banana socket.

The voltage outputs can be combined, so I also get the option of fixed; +24V, +17V, 15.3V, 10V, 7V, and 1.7V, out of the box.

I found some good reviews and build guides, I link to here; multi output +/- power converter, by IMSAI Guy, Split Rail Power Supply Kit Build, by Julian Ilett, and Multiple Rail Power Supply Kit Assembly, by Voltlog. I added a fuse on the main voltage, as i normally do, when i build something with main voltage, but was surprised of the start current, so i needed a 0.63A fuse, for a 10W power supply.

Multiple Rail Power Supply project case
variac project inside
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