Power supplies

K-PO KPS28SW a Low Noise Switch Mode PSU, where it is possible to move noise, if present in radio It can deliver an output current at 28A (max), 20A (continuous) and the voltage can be set to DC13.8V for radio use, or variable 9V-15V.

MSE, a generic Switch Mode PSU with fixed 13.8V DC output, and able to provide 25A. The box said that it was intended for trade fair stands where they are used to supply, for example, several car radios.

I have a RIDEN RD6012W even though i ordered the version without WIFI. it can supply 0-60V DC, 0-12A Power supply it means 720W, the 18A version can, with USB and WIFI. It is also available in a 6A (360W) and 18A (1080W) versions.


I made an DIY insulated vario trafo able of delivering 0-280V AC and fixed 240V AC, 2A. I peeled the pieces off an old variac transformer and an Insolation transformer from an old power supply from the postal service and combined them in a new project case. In an attemt to update it, with a 0-390V DC output, inspired by a video from Tony Albus, i modified another insolation transformer with current limiter, and put the DC supply in a seperate project case.

I did find a small and cheap PSU with an analog meter SUNSHINE P-0503C PSU with Ammeter, 3A, 5V DC. Fitted for small breadboard projects on the table.

I hava a CL1850 Quicktest QT1, with 13A Fuse, for the times, I just have to test some main voltage, where it works as an old knife switch, that has to be closed before it makes an electric connection, and it is quick to make or disconnect the connection in a safe way. With its lid open the wires of a plug less lead can be inserted into the insulated clips. When the lid is closed, current passes to the equipment being demonstrated or tested.

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