Insulated vario trafo

I have found a need for a variable ac supply, for when i am experimenting on my bench. But I have also seen the need for an insulated power supply. Often is the isolation transformer placed just before the outtakes. I put it first to have both options, a fixed output, and a variable output.

On a Danish site equivalent to craigslist, I did find an old beaten down variac transformer, and an old insolation transformer, that I used for this project, in a new case. They are only rated for 2A, that is 460W, at 230V. That a linear power and means 1A at 115V and so on. And for now, I do not forecast the need for more power.

variac diagram
variac project case
variac project inside

Metered output

I had an issue, not having room for meters to monitoring voltage and current, therefor have i added an extern box, with meters, and a switch where I can select between a fixed 240V output, and the variable 0-260V output.

meteret output
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