Here is an overview of my combined shop and radio shack. I plan to describe my I will describe my thoughts and experiences with my tools in my shop meters, power supplies, soldering tools. My old faithful soldering station, had to, had to recently find its successor.

In addition to my 3D printer in my CNC router.

Work Bench with notes
  1. K-PO KPS28SW 20A DC13.8V or 9V-15V
  2. MSE 13.8V DC 25A PSU
  3. Yaesu FT897D HF/VHF/UHF transceiver
  4. LDG Z-100Plus Automatic antenna tuner
  5. Maas RX-20 CROSS NEEDLE SWR & POWER METER 1.8 - 200MHz 300W
  6. TTI TCB-550N CB radio
  7. Yaesu FT2900E VHF transceiver
  8. KVM Switch, USB and HDMI for 2 input devices
  9. Raspberry Pi cluster case, Raspberry Pi 4 (4Gb Ram) with FANSHIM, Raspberry Pi 3 with LoRa hat, 868 MHz, SX1262
  10. FeelElec FY6900 60 MHz Arbitrary DDS Signal Generator
  11. Riden RD6012 0-60V DC, 0-12A Power supply, with USB and WIFI. It is also available in a 6A and 18A version
  12. Hantek DSO4204B Oscilloscope, 4Ch 200Mhz 1GS/s Sample Rate
  13. East Tester ET4402 Desktop LCR-meter
  14. East Tester ET3240 Benchtop Digital Multimeter - 4.5 Digit
  15. Old PC monitor, used for Raspberry Pi via KWM switch
  16. Brother 60mm label printer
  17. Dymo printer, USB
  18. DIY insulated vario trafo 0-280V AC and 240V AC, 2A
  19. East Tester ET5410 Programmable DC Electrical Load, 150V, 40A, 400W
  20. Pro'sKit SS-331H Desoldering Station
  21. SUNSHINE P-0503C PSU with Ammeter, 3A, 5V DC
  22. CL1850 Quicktest QT1, with 13A Fuse
  23. TBK FUME 30W Fume Extractor, modified with Activated Carbon Filter Sponge
  24. Andonstar ADSM301 Digital USB Microscope, the largest microscope I was able to find, with tripod mount. I dropped the stand and mounted it on a cheap microphone arm with an adaptor And added a 48 LED USB Adjustable Ring Light
  25. Magnifier led lamp
  26. PACE ADS200 (ISB), 120W
  27. QUICK 861DW Lead-free Hot Air Rework Station, 1000W
  28. YIHUA 200Q Soldering Tip Cleaning Tool
  29. Cosmo 12000 SMD SMT Pick Up hand tool
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