Soldering Fume Extractor Mod

The fumes from soldering are not healthy, in hobby use, we often use leaded tin. It sounds dangerus but the Lead do not come into our airways, but we must remember to wash our hands after soldering, instead it is the resin fumes we must be aware of. In lead free tin, the fumes are more dangerous, since the resin behaves more reactive, to work with the alloy and the meltingtemperatures for lead free tin.

An easy solution, is a simpel fan from a computer and a battery, or a powersupplye, to blow the fumes awey from the work area. It is OK if you not are soldering in longer time. A step up, would be a fan with a carbon filter that also filter the air.

I use a TBK FUME 30W Fume Extractor, modified with Activated Carbon Filter Sponge as shown on the picture. The fan-grill secures the filter inside the box. I can regulate the fan-speed and the LED ring-light.

I have placed the box with the fan, under my tabel, to remove the noise from my workespace. I was a bit supriced by a howling whining sound... but a simple fix with a strips, where i changed the angel on the pipe, removed a lot of the noice.

Soldering Fume Extractor
Carbon filter
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