I maid some videos for YouTube, and later removed some of them agein. In my education, I have had many online lessons, I have made some videos for YouTube and later removed them again. Later in my education I have had a year of online lessons related to COVID19 lockdown. To make it a little fun, in the sheer amount of hours, I added GoXLR to get some virtual audio channels. And the Steam Deck, i also uses to control my light.

my studio
  1. GoPro Hero 4 actioncam (Used), i use it's HDMI output.
  2. Logitech C920 Webcam
  3. Andonstar ADSM301 Digital USB Microscope, the largest microscope I was able to find, with tripod mount. I dropped the stand and mounted it on a cheap microphone arm with an adaptor And added a 48 LED USB Adjustable Ring Light
  4. Cellphone holder for Overhead Camera
  5. Hair light, Philips HUE Colour Bulb
  6. Neewer Dimmable Bi-Colour LED Video Light , with softbox, on a table stand.
  7. Fill light, Philips HUE Colour Bulb
  8. Fill light, Philips HUE Colour Bulb
  9. 480x800 Screen, also used as Telepromt
  10. LED light
  11. GoXLR mini
  12. Stream Deck because its nativity works with Philips HUE
  13. BM 700 Condenser Microphone, with a 48V Phanthom power supply.
  14. HDMI Cam-cards
  15. USB PCIe card

I use the powerfull and Open source program OBS Studio for recording, also for the stream i use for my victual webcam, for Discord, Teams, Skype and Zoom meetings.

EposVox and Sam Woodhall makes some excelnt guides for OBS Studio. and Sam is the editor for Harris Heller.

Harris Heller and EposVox provides free music for online use, so you can avoid DMCA takedowns (claims of Copyright enframement).

By using an additional USB PCIe card, I found one with NEC and VIA controller chips, and it was easily recognized by Windows 10 And the card I chose was black so it matched my the inside of my pc, and do not need a power cable, if it is necessary, I would warn you of cards with Molex connecters. This way I can overcome the USB bandwidth problem that puts a limit on cameras per USB controller on the motherboard. That gives me 3 cameras, the fourth, is my phone camera, used as Wi-Fi camera.

my studio
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