SDR Radio


Then I received a 100KHz-1.7GHz RTL-SDR USB receiver from Hong Kong. The receiver is based on a TV-Tuner Dongel, so I can play a little with filters and radio on the computer.

As a bonus, it can also receive the low bands, without mixer or up-converter. Since a couple of connections have been made, you go through a coil between the chips as shown in the picture.

The receiver works surprisingly well, however, she must be an antenna connected, either to the low or the high bands. I have been told that a couple of SMT diodes between HF and ground, should help.

HDSDR, must have a modified *.DLL-fil file before the program can be used for a dongle without mixer, also SDRsharp, must be set for direct Q sampling.

Possibly I can even get it online here on the website with a Raspberry pi as server, in the style of this project which was in QST, April 2014.

My plan is to get an RTL-SDR rigged and maybe get it online with a Raspberry pi, as a web server, using OpenWebRX similar to that makes it easy to listens on the Ham-band

Gilwell tørklæde
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