I am a software engineer specializing in embedded systems, graduated summer 2023. Now working in the aviation industry. Where I can use my past as an electrician and my teaching experience.

The website has undergone a major update where the content has been broken down. Topics such as Activities, Tips and Tricks, knife making, gear and planning and management tools from scout, has remained on markussen-net.dk and is still in Danish. Everything related to my electronics hobbies has moved to this website.

I have added a few topics that I have tried to explain countless times in various forums: e-commerce especially from outside dealers outside the EU, secure passwords, methods to avoid viruses on the computer and scam calls on the phone, as well as cheap and completely legal software licenses.

July 13. 2017, I was out for a work accident where I got a shock at my job as an electrician. The injury has given me sensory disturbances where I have a feeling of being drenched with boiling water if the weather is 17-18 degrees and on a bad day I cannot lift a packet of yeast with my injured arm. It is only at the beginning of June 2021 that a nerve conduction examination has shown that I have suffered a "Plexus Brachialis injury". It explains the discomfort in my right arm and shoulder. In addition, I have an injury to "Intercostalis", that is, the nerve connection from my spine to my chest.

In addition to the accident, I have been forced to give up my profession as an electrician. I looked at my hobbies; In connection with JOTA, I took radio license, which has also led to me going through one radio amateur club: OZ6HR had resumed an old hobby where I build electronics and program.

Therefore, surrounded by my radios, 3d printer and embedded projects, I started at an admission course for engineering educations. With the goal to become a software engineer specializing in embedded systems. A job guessed hoped handle, with limited physical work, despite my injury. While following my interests. It was a very rough year, returning to the university, after 15 years away from the school. We started 46 in the class and was only 6 students that completed the course.

As an anecdote, we had a teacher who could not understand that we were stressed as we only had to prepare 1 hour, for every school hour. The tiny detail was, that we had 37 hours at school each week.

Mie in the workshop

I admit that the education was a challenge, but I enjoyed the international study environment. At my 4th semester it was discovered that I also have dyslexia. It took some time to comprehend, but it also took more than 42 years to discover, so to be realistic, it can not be that bad. My grades were all over the scale from 02 (E) to 12 (A). An example is my grade in C-programming where I got 02 (E), but in the practical use of C-programming in hardware near programming I got 10 (B), where the issue was my presentation. The only challenge I have discovered, is in written exams on time, which not represents how I work in real life.

In my internship at Kamstrup, where I made a digital twin of some production equipment, used to calibrate and validate all watermeters made at Kamstrup. The goal of the digital twin is to reduce downtime in the production, when testing new software. I gained the I gained the self-confidence that I lacked. One of the things that has been most difficult for me in this process has been to go from being the person that others come to, for good advice and help, while I solve near impossible tasks, to being the person without experience.

Fortunately, my youngest daughter, Mie, has been very helpful in my workshop. Here she is adjusting my 3D printer.

My bachelor project was made in collaboration with Seneco. I made a proof-of-concept project for a battery supplied remote sensor for there smart streetlight, connected via sub-1-GHz LPWAN. To save energy, many places turn of 50% of the streetlight in a city to save 50% of the electricity. With Citygrid from Seneco, the light is dimmed to 20% in all lamps when there is no traffic, this saves around 80% electricity. Then a motion sensor in the lamp sends a signal to increase the light intensity when there is traffic. The project was for a sensor to expand the detection area.

I made a Contiki (RTOS) application, where my goal was a to optimize to obtain a battery life at minimum 18 month, for the project to be profitable. I reached 37 months on 2350 mAh. I even managed to reduce Low-Power-Mode power consumption by 50% compared to using macros.

The picture shows an experimental set-up of my bachelor's project on my workbench. where I measure the current consumption, in the picture it is 521.7 uA, measured with a uCurrent Gold from EEV blog.

I managed to land a dream job, in the aviation industry, at Insero Air Traffic Solutions. As software engineer, with travel activity around the world.

Bachelor project

It became a long text about me, but there have been major changes since the last update, which I am trying to account for. are you curious to read more about who I am, then you can find more here, or more about my injury.

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